Which Produce Should Be Organic?

The “EWG analyzed pesticide residue testing data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration to come up with rankings for [the following] popular fresh produce items.”

The produce in the “Buy Organically” list has the highest amount of chemicals, and should be avoided to protect your health and ensure that the produce you consume tastes good! The produce in the “Buy Conventionally” list has lower amounts of chemicals, and so can be purchased conventionally without jeopardizing the quality of your health and food.

In order to make eating sustainably and locally more affordable, refer to the following lists when deciding what produce to buy organically. Print the list out so you can bring it shopping!

Buy Organically                            Buy Conventionally 

apples                                                                                                    winter squash
strawberries                                                                                          summer squash
grapes                                                                                                    raspberries
celery                                                                                                     broccoli
peaches                                                                                                 snap peas
spinach                                                                                                  green onions
sweet bell peppers                                                                               oranges
nectarines                                                                                             bananas
cucumbers                                                                                            tomatoes
cherry tomatoes                                                                                   watermelon
snap peas                                                                                              honeydew melons
potatoes                                                                                                sweet potatoes
hot peppers                                                                                          cauliflower
blueberries                                                                                           cantaloupe
lettuce                                                                                                   grapefruit
kale and collard greens                                                                       eggplant
plums                                                                                                    kiwi
cherries                                                                                                 sweet corn
nectarines                                                                                             mangoes
pears                                                                                                     asparagus tangerines                                                                                             onions carrots                                                                                                   cabbage                                     green beans                                                                                          pineapple


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