About the Classes and Cart


Cooking classes are every Wednesday at 7PM at All Saints Episcopal Church (4033 SE Woodstock Blvd). Please contact us to reserve your spot and so we can buy enough produce. All skill levels and ages welcome!

Classes run from June 18th to July 25th. We only buy and use produce from local farms and vendors. We appreciate and encourage recipe requests – so use the form below!

  • Wednesday, June 18th – bean and kale papusas with sweet carrot slaw and tangy cabbage slaw
  • Wednesday, June 25th – zucchini and potato curry with coconut milk sticky rice
  • Wednesday, July 2nd – cornbread, Hoppin’ John, and gravy
  • Wednesday, July 9th – savory chickpea pancakes with salad and roasted tomatillo dressing
  • Wednesday, July 16th – greens and sweet pea risotto with tomato and herb sauce
  • Wednesday, July 25th – tabbouleh with roasted zucchini and hummus


The cart is located at various locations, various days of the week throughout East Portland. We hope to serve at random community events and after church on Sunday. Use the contact form below if you have a location request! We send out emails and update our website regarding the cart’s location!



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