About Our Project

We received a $10,000 grant from Davis 100 Projects for Peace to spend 2 months this summer preparing, teaching about, and serving meals made with local produce to residents of East Portland. Statistics show that East Portland is lacking in farmers markets and grocers compared to other areas.

Our grant money will allow us to lead free cooking classes using quality produce once a week,  give away/sell the meals we cook in a food cart, and distribute educational material about how to afford eating local and organic produce. In addition to learning about healthy, affordable, and culturally-familiar meals, participants of the cooking class can also take home some of the food they help cook.

This project is non-profit. All proceeds return to our funds for the project .

Cooking with local produce means that the meals we make are fresh, nutrient-rich, flavorful, and born from the Portland community. Fortifying ties within the community is important for sustaining  a food system that mutually benefits the consumers and the producers. We would like to thank the following farms for collaborating with us on our project and allowing us into their community:

  • Adelante Mujeres




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